My First Steemit Anniversary!

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Hello my sweet family!

Today I completed my first anniversary here on steemit. It's a wonderful achievement and it's pretty cool to count yourself as a pro here! The last 365 days are just a miracle to me, having a million family members is such a blessing to me. Steemit fills me with more energy and freedom to express, before on steemit I was just an alone guy wasting time on the internet, sometimes running behind girls, lol! I came here for a change and believe me, this platform changed my life, my thoughts. Though I am not earning a pocket full coins here, still the love that I am getting from this platform is precious and countless! I was finding a way out from my depression and "useless" feeling, went to several different websites to find some tasks that I can do easily, tasks which I love to do but found nothing similar. I found about steemit on a Facebook post and I directly came here, signed up and started blogging. And I was not a blogger before, I don't even use to write 50+ words on my computer, It was hard to change myself and to start with blogging! So here is my short journey, I know that a single post will not be enough to say it all, but will try my best!




  • Last year, In the month of August, I broke up with my girl as we are not fit for each other, though I tried my best to become a perfect match for her, still, I wasn't and it was hard to get separated afterall we were in touch since 2012. One side love sucks!
  • Second thing from which I was running was depression, killing me from inside. The feeling of being useless and wasting time is one of the toughest situation and words that will hinder you and your mindset. I was happy but not from my heart. I can sense that my environment wasn't that positive.
  • I spent a year searching for a job or at least a place on the internet where I can speak freely or do what I love. I went to Fiverr, tried youtube, did some freelancing works but nothing was enough to get myself busy throughout the day.
  • I went to several therapy websites, tried consulting doctors just to get out of that "depression - which was a result of my stupidity" and my search ended on Steemit - A new-unknown platform. I wasn't aware of the crypto world. All I was looking for a spot where I can just relax and do what comes to my mind or what I love and enjoy to do!
  • Thanks @ned and @dan, you weren't the doctors but you guys healed my depression!

I was PK!


  • pK was a character form pK movie, he was from different world and fall on earth, don't know what's going on, following herds, doing what others do, trying to understand what the heck is this planet and humans! I was similar to pK in my starting days.
  • I went on and made my first friends, @paps, and @adventurerider. They both supported me in my initial weeks. @paps is a good motivational speaker and @adventurerider - well according to his name, he is a rider and adventurist!
  • @papa-pepper and @danaedwards were the first people whom I followed on steemit. I got my first $1+ upvote from @danaedwards on my tech-related post. Thanks, @danaedwards ! because of you, I am still writing here or else I have ended up with this platform like others!
  • In the month of November, I found a discord group named as @IndiaUnited, my first discord group founded by @bobinson and @jatinhota. IndiaUnited is now an open group but I learned most of the steemit basics there.
  • I tried vlogging, tubing, roasted few steemit users and now I am settled as a blogger but I will push my limits sooner!

Thanks to my fellow Indian friends!

The Great fight of Resistance!

  • Grumpycat was one of the cruel leaders here on steemit who usually flags people who go against his set of ridiculous rules. To end up his tyranny, @firedream came in the front and raised his voice against this injustice. Though many times Grumpycat downvoted @firedream and Resistance people, still the Resistance team fought well and ended Grumpycat's tyranny.

A big thanks to the Resistance people!

And I found my first witness!

  • I was truly unknown to this witness system in steem blockchain. But Resistance people helped me a lot to understand the value of witness in steem blockchain. And I wrote many blogs on witness and how to choose them!
  • My first witness was @sircork - the legend! He is a celeb here and my personal favorite. He helps out everyone and he is crossing boundaries with charities like @YouAreHOPE, reaching more people on steemit with SteemStarNetwork. SteemStarNetwork is no more owned by @sircork, one of the reasons why I am no more active in SteemStarNetwork's discord server. I made a gift for @sircork along with my best friend @kennyroy on his first steemit anniversary!
  • @drakos - the Jolly Pirate! @drakos was my second choice because his works, dedication towards this steem blockchain is simply countless. He stood up with Resistance and fought against Grumpycat. He helped me out in many cases and the best thing is that he communicates with every person who reaches him. Witness are busy geeks!
  • @guiltyparties was my third favorite witness selection! His works for veterans and a handful of ongoing projects is helping out needy people!

My Favorite witnesses!

check My complete witness list here! and vote them here!


  • This blog will remain incomplete without Dapps! Steemit has a large number of apps. Steemit is no more just a blogging site, now we have our own apps to challenge Instagram, youtube, facebook, twitch, 9gags, GitHub and many more!

Dapps that I am using!

Meet my family members!

Anything left? Well, That's all for now! Thank you, everyone! You guys are my family!

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I am very happy to be there on the family list..
Keep rocking brother.

Life sucks and love sucks even more, but that is what makes the fight and journey even more epic..

keep moving forward


Woh toh hona hi tha...😝

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haa haa for truth.

I love your new avatar. It really looks like you somehow!!

Congrats got everything right 😉 keep rocking and keep steeeming. 👌

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This is from the deep of your heart...Thank you!


Thanks for the love you and all of my friends here on steemit are so showering on me. All the best to you and I am sure you will find a girl who actually loves you like mad. Stay blessed


Who needs a single girl when you got a million members family! Thanks amma!

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Happy anniversary. Glad you had a good ride here so far.

Happy anniversary vishal... Something similar with me as well as wrote in ur post :) happy steeming..

happy anniversary Vishal :) !

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Congratulations and all the best for future! keep steeming keep growing.

Happy to be a part of your steemit family my friend ;]

Hope to see you as a whale someday :]

Goodluck and love,