Finally Kashin Koji's Identity Revealed! It turns out he is

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Kashin Koji, I think he is the coolest character currently in the Boruto series. Kashin Koji himself says that he believes that he shares some kind of connection with Konohagakure and seems to be related to something.

Well, the connection is obvious because he can call the frog and in the last chapter, he also revealed that he can even use the Rasengan.


We all know that the Rasengan was invented by Boruto's grandfather, Minato Namikaze. Only Navers knows who is capable of using Rasengan in the Naruto series. Jiraiya learns from Minato, Kakashi may learn from Minato and wants to add a lightning chakra but instead creates Raikiri. Naruto and konohamaru are also ninjas capable of using the Rasengan.


Now with the list we already know that the only teach rasengan on kashin koji is minato or jiraiya on condition of relation of student or relative.

Now, let's talk about Kara. Mimin thinks Kara is a much bigger organization than Akatsuki. Kara as we know it consists of inside members and outside members.

There are seven inside members and one outside Kara. There will be more members we will see in the future. Jigen is supposedly the leader of Kara.


Back to Kashin Koji who may be a student or relative of Jiraiya / minato, but thinks Kashin koji from Jiraiya and Minato teammate first. If this is so, perhaps Kashin Koji has something to do with Boruto and Naruto.



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