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I understand that. Just like before me watching Evangelion, I knew it was a good show and I knew it would leave a hole in me. Ghost in the Shell would probably too, and I really want to watch shows I started since when I watch it I would probably go an entire week without anime after it.

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Glad to know you have watched Evangelion. Now you know exactly what you are getting into. Serial Experiments Lain and Boogiepop Phantom came close, but nothing really matches Evangelion and GitS.

I haven't seen Boogiepop Phantom(but heard it's good, but I don't think anyone can amcth Serial Experiments Lain weirdness!

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo and Monogatari series wer pretty experimental too. But they were not the sci-fi, philosophical, deep thoughts and mindfucks type. BTW do you happen to like Andrew Niccol? I wrote a little bit about his movies:

on the topic of weird anime, I also really liked Steins;Gate, the camera work made Tokyo in the middle of the day look like a dystopian wasteland!
Haven't heard of Gankutsuou, but I might check it out.
I LOVED Monogatari, I even plan to rewatch it!
I have heard a little bit about Andrew Nicole, but I have never seen one of his movies. But your post got me interested I'll check them out!

Steins; Gate is easily one of my favorites. Totally absolutely loved it. The movie wasn't really good compared to the anime and I didn't watch Steins;Gate 0 I'm trying to find some time for it. I'm stuck with Tales of Zestiria X.

Gankutsuou is superbly and uniquely stylistic and the story is complex and gripping. The music does an amazing job too. You'll love it :)