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My top10 for the last season.I'm writing also the Pros and Cons(from my point of view). Probably a lot of you will have different opinion and things to say about the animes from last season.But animes are art and not science, everyone appreciates different things in anime and that's a good thing and part of the fun.That's why discussions are very welcomed :)

1.Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ

Music,Action,Mahou Shoujo/Mecha Musume

Incredible music,cute characters,emotional
Cons: The plot absolutely ignore logic(but that's purposely cause that way it's easier to create emotional scenes)


Comedy,Romance,School,Games. Heavy inclined on the Comedy part.

Pros: Romantic missudersandings one after another... in the most comic way posible xD , The characters and their stories are original and interesting
Cons: Lacking on the romantic development(may be that will be fixed with more seasons)

3.New Game!!
new game!!.jpg

Slice of Life,Comedy.2-nd season

Pros: The comedy is even better than the first season,the characters are still as cute and the new (also cute xD) characters add interesting emotional developments
Cons: Here and there unnecessary too serious for a comedy show.

4.Centaur no Nayami

Slice of Life,Comedy,Fantasy,Seinen

Pros: (way too)Cute characters,Original feeling to it, the slice of life parts are quite soothing, the serious parts depicting their world, society problems and interactions between different races can realy make you think
Cons: It have a feeling of rushed and imbalanced adaptation lacking in explanations

5.Aho Girl
aho girl.jpg

Comedy(4-koma manga(short comedy sketches)),School

Pros: A great comedy about very stupid girl doing very stupid things, funny characters
Cons: The comedy is always overboard which sometimes makes you uncontrolably laught, but sometimes just leave you with the feeling of - "wth did I just watched?"(be ready for Unlimited Banana Works.... pardon banana jokes xD )


Magic,Fantasy,Action. Another spin-off from Fate Series (do not atempt to watch it if you didn't watched the main seasons first)

Pros: Again great characters and action scenes
Cons: The plot feels a little bland, depending way too much on the characters to make it cool



Pros: Nice dark twisted mood taking gambling to the extreme(even close to madness), a incredible face expressions
Cons: The mind games are often badly executed and is hard for the viewers to think about them

8.Knight's & Magic

Isekai(another world),Fantasy,Mecha.

Pros: Nice "good characters",interesting combination of fantasy and mecha
Cons: There is lack of interesting opponents for the overpowered MC

9.Made in Abyss
made in abyss.jpg


Pros: Very likable characters,incredibly original dark world,interesting plot
Cons: Be warned for excessive cruel and grotesque scenes, missmatched art and story- the art is kind of westlike and giving childish vibe while on the other hand the story is realy cruel,bloody and grotesque

10.Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic
hina logi.jpg

Mahou Shoujo,Comedy,Fantasy,School,Slice of Life. Spin-off anime

Pros: One of the cases when the spin-off is actualy way better than the main anime(in different genres though),cute characters, good relaxing comedy
Cons: Here and there the comedy feels kind of lacking,even for a relaxing anime the plot could've been a little more.