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Baki is an anime originally created by Keisuke Itagaki and is currently in its third season, originally Baki began as a manga way back in 1991 and went on to premiere as an anime in 2001 which had two seasons, after this Baki was not seen on screens until June, 2018 as a Netflix original.Source


I have been introduced to the Baki series in the third season and have watched all 11 episodes that have been released so far with new episodes coming out every Monday, so far i am very impressed with it and am curious to learn more so will be catching up on the first and second seasons over the next few days.

|Source|The Main Antagonists

To give a quick synopsis of Baki whilst trying to keep it as spoiler free as possible, Baki is set in a universe where its protagonist is a one Baki Hanma who is also the underground martial arts champion, one day a phenomena called synchronicity has the worlds strongest people converge in an area of Tokyo to seemingly fight to the death against Baki and each other.

Below is the first episode if you would like to see it.



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