THE GREAT DEBATE | Best Anime Ever Bracket [Part 8]

in anime •  5 months ago

in the FINALE of the GREATEST BEST TOP OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL ANIME OF ALL TIME EVER FOREVER MOST RECOMMENDED AND REVILED FIVEEVER bracket series, the top 12 anime are broken down to the top 6, the final 3 and the solo winner with the title GREATEST BEST ANIME okay you get the idea, but these final match ups pit some of the best shoujo anime against their opposite genre counterpart in several shonen anime. SHONEN VS SHOUJO? YU YU HAKUSHO VS CARDCAPTOR SAKURA? KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN VS FRUITS BASKET? A SILENT VOICE VS KUROKO NO BASKET? YOUR LIE IN APRIL VS MAHOU SHOUJO ORE?!?!?! technically that last one counts~

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