Do I Ship KiriBaku/Bakushima from My Hero Academia? (Boku no Hero Academia) | Natz Chats

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In the first of probably many Natz Chats, a new more relaxed format (TN: Lazy) video series, KrisPNatz FINALLY shares his thoughts on My Hero Academia's (Boku no Hero Academia) own KiriBaku, Bakushima, EijiKatsu, KatsuEiji, Bakugou x Kirishima, Kirishima x Bakugou, Eijirou x Katsuki - THE SHIP OF KIRISHIMA EIJIROU AND BAKUGOU KATSUKI. After posting his BakuDeku OTP video sharing his feelings on the ship of Bakugo Katsuki and Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, one of the most requested OTP videos has been of course for KiriBaku/Bakushima - but does KrisPNatz ship it? IS IT OTP?!

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