List of Characters who know Conan's identity!

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So 4 days ago on my Guess the TV Show/Movie!, I had you guys guess from what show is the image below from, to which no one managed to get the answer I was looking for which was Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer. Detective Conan's 22nd Movie. (@ascheriit was very close though as his answer was Detective Conan)


Anyway, as I was watching that movie it got me into thinking as to who else knows about Conan's real identity. Who knows that Edogawa Conan = Shinichi Kudou. And so by the power vested on me by the almight Google, Wikipedia and the here's a list of confirmed characters who know's Conan's real identity.

Hiroshi Agasa

Well we all know who this guy is! The professor! XD

Yusaku Kudo and Yukiko Kudo

Shinichi/Conan's parents.

Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara)

A former scientist member of the Black Organization codenamed Sherry, and is the creator of APTX4869, the pill that shrunk Shinichi. In order to escape the Black Organization Shiho took a pill to shrunk herself into a child.

Akemi Miyano (Deceased)

Shiho Miyano (Haibara Ai)'s older Sister and a member of the Black Organization.


(Sharon/Chris Vineyard )
Vermouth is a member of the Black Organization and is the Boss's favourite. One reason why she still chose to not tell the BO about Shinichi's real identity is that years ago, Shinichi and Ran saved her life on New York.

Eisuke Hondou

Hidemi Hondou/Rena Mizunashi alias Kir in the Black Organization, is Eisuke's older sister. Eisuke discovered Conan's real identity after trying to find out where his Sister is. At one point, Eisuke confessed to Conan about his feelings for Ran to which Conan finally revealed himself as Shinichi, confirming Eisukes suspicions about him.

Masumi Sera

Yeah not really sure on how Sera knew about Conan's real identity. When she was first introduced, she just know already. XD

Subaru Okiya/Shuichi Akai

Akai is an FBI agent who infiltrated the Black Organization and was given the codename Rye. Akai finally confirmed his suspicions towards Conan after he caught him using his voice changing bowtie while talking to Ran.

Mary Sera

Mary Sera is the mother of Masumi Sera, Akai Shuichi and the professional shogi player Shukichi Haneda.

Kaitou Kid/Kaito Kuroba

The Magician Under The Moonlight!

As for the "unconfirmed" suspicions, people who seemingly know about Conan's real identity but is still not confirmed in the anime/manga:

Rei Furuya/Tooru Amuro/Bourbon

Rei is a PSB agent (National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning) posing as a member of the Black Organization under the codename Bourbon.

Jodie Starling

Jodie is an FBI agent and is Akai's co-worker.

Shukichi Haneda

Shukichi is a professional shogi player and love interest to Yumi Yamamoto from the traffic division.

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Kaito Kid? Isn't he a character from another series made by the author? So does that mean that they share the same universe?

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Yep he is! From Magic Kaitou!

Not really sure if they exist on the same universe but Kaitou Kid have been shown on some chapters/episodes from the manga/anime.

Even his background story is related to the Black Organization as his father was killed by them.

Heard real magic is involved on Magic Kaitou though and there is a witch too lol So Idk xD

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It would be cool if the author could tie the two stories neatly and maybe join force in the end to take down the organization lol

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