First impressions of Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

in #anime3 years ago

Have you ever wanted to just leave everything behind and spontaneously go where you never been before? The first episode starts with this very yearning.
The protagonist wants to go on a journey but has fears that it will go end up badly and then she meets a girl everyone calls "Antarctic" because she is obsessed with going to the Antarctic.

As premises go I like it a lot, there is nothing more special than travel and traveling to somewhere where few people can go is a goal that most people would like to accomplish.
I've been waiting for this premiere for a long time, precisely because of the premise and so far from what I've seen, I like it a lot.

People been talking about the great voice cast and there is, of course, some truth to that, but everything else is great too.
The character designs and art are amazing.

The pace of the first episode seems to be good too and I am eagerly waiting for them to go to the Antarctic.
Ultimately it is hard to tell much from just one episode, but it is off to a good start.


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