the most typical clichés of the anime

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Hey very good to all. These are some of the most common clichés that you can find when you watch anime, it's been a while since I stopped watching anime but in its day I saw hundreds and I know what the clichés of each genre are

RUNNING WITH A TOAST IN THE MOUTH: the typical scene in which the student who is a high school student goes down the street and collides with a girl who runs with a toast in the mouth and from there both live large adventures together. this is so cliché that even several animes parody it POWER UP WITHOUT SENSE: in the shonen of fights this is basic, when the prota and the villain of turn are having their final fight the prota is almost defeated but from one memento to another thanks to the power of love and friendship gets a new transformation or power that makes it much more powerful and easily defeats the villain. no matter which shonen of fights you see this cliche will follow SEAT OF THE PROTAGONIST: this is so common that I think they already do it by tradition, no matter what genre is the anime in question. if the protagonist goes to classes then he will sit in the back seat next to the window, instead of remembering in the animes that this happens it is easier to remember in those that do not happen since they are few. if you pay attention you will see that if at any time the classroom of the prota is shown this will sit in that place do not forget to leave your vote if you liked and comment what you think, greetings ~
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