Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei (Episode 1-6) – One of the Best Made Shows I Don't Like

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This is going to be a bit different because the review is going to be almost entirely positive. That's odd because I do not like this show at all past the first episode. Despite being a show that in no way appeals to me, however, the quality of it is pretty obvious. That is something to take into account as I review this.

The show follows Richard, a Jewel Appraiser, and someone who joins as his assistant. Each episode sees someone come in for an appraisal and, as a result, Richard and Seiga helping each customer with their own personal issues. This can be anything from their romantic life to trust issues in a family, and the Jewels they bring in are used as a kind of symbolic representation of some facet of their drama. And this is where I started to check out by the third episode because it's a premise that doesn't appeal to me at all.


That being said, something you would need to have to make this work are good characters and a compelling dynamic between Richard and Seiga. This is something that the show does wonderfully, and the two do a wonderful job bouncing off each other's personalities and it's great to see how each one interacts differently with the customers. For what the show is trying to be, it does a great job.

For some actual criticism, however, the relation of the gem to the narrative can feel a bit flimsy at times. This can hurt the show mostly because the relation of the gem to the story is a bit of a cornerstone of the whole thing, and without it you basically just have someone showing up to a guidance counselor every episode. Though while at times it does feel like a stretch, it's never so bad it breaks the immersion of the show.

Beyond that, there really isn't anything to say. It's just a slice of life kind of show where every episode sees two guys growing closer (as friends, the show does poke some fun about their relationship) and dealing with a problem of the day. While I recommend everyone watch the first episode, because it's an utterly fascinating story of Seiga's late Grandmother and a woman whose ring she stole, the whole show doesn't really seem to have the same impact. If this is the kind of thing you'd normally enjoy, definitely check it out.

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