Beginning my Journey Into One Piece - How I'll be Reviewing It and What to Expect.

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So, I will be staring into One Piece for the first time since I saw the original Four Kids Dub, which was awful. That said, I'll be doing reviews as I watch it, though it'll be a bit different than what I would normally do since the show has been around for so long.

For starters, I'll be watching the Funimation Dub. I looked into it, and so far the only big reason to go Sub is the voice acting as the actual script sounds like it does a great job at holding true to the original script. And after looking up clips of both the Sub and Dub, I have determined Luffy sounds less annoying in English. For people who say Sub actors always sound better... a lot of times you are right but this is not one of those times. (See also Naruto, where both VA casts sound terrible. Twelve year old boys sound like either nine year old girls or forty year old men)

Rather than a season by season review, I'm going to be reviewing the various Arcs, which vary greatly in size. The length of an arc varies wildly in One Piece, and can be anywhere from two episodes to fourty seven, with one outlier being over one hundred episodes. As of now, including filler, this would be fourty nine arcs to review. This is the list I am using to keep track of what arcs are what, if you're curious.

Shorter arcs, such as the first two, which total eight episodes I think I'll review together, but I am not yet sure. I'll see what I can get out of doing individual arcs at that length. If I can get a good review out of a three episode arc, I'll do it. Regardless though, I will be reviewing the filler arcs (Stories that were not part of the original Manga) on their own regardless of episode length. But because of arc length, I can't really give you a time frame for when I'll be doing reviews of One Piece, just know that I'll be putting them out as often as I am able (I do still have new anime and games to keep up on as well), though I should be able to get quite a bit out due to everything being shut down for the time being.

Anyway, this should be a fun ride. I have somehow gone this long knowing almost nothing about One Piece, and now it's time to see if it's worth the massive time investment.

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