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Sanji is a main character in one of the most awarded manga of all time "One Piece" is a member of the crew of the Mugiwara (straw hats) where he is the cook of the same and one of the 3 strongest together with Luffy and Zoro.

Sanji is tall, blond, with a spiral-shaped eyebrow, a cigar smoker, and madly passionate about women. He has been very gentlemanly. His dream is to find the mythical All Blue sea.

He is the protagonist in the best fights of his crew and his way of fighting is very peculiar, since he only uses only his legs, because he has forbidden himself to fight with the hands with which he cooks. He is the bearer of the observation haki.

He had a very sad childhood because he was a failure for his pradre. for not leaving like his genetically modified brothers, for leaving so kind and for cooking. where the only love he had was that of his mother but he died, from there he fled from the torture of his father and brothers. And it was when he met his parterna figure that he taught him everything he knows (cooking and fighting) Zeff Red Leg

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