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Some of you who are reading this are already halfway through your career life and picking the job that you might and might not have always wanted. Whether you're in corporate or in the creative industry such as graphic designing, have you ever wondered if you were Animator-born? Just like the MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games that kids play nowadays where you climb mountains to seek out your 'Dragonborn' powers. Finally defeating the ultimate boss who swears to avenge on his second coming, you could be an Animator-born person just that the stars(parents or yourself) picked you to sit in that corporate job, or other jobs at least.

The Animation industry is definitely appealing when you hear that you'll be creating cartoons, movies, commercials that the whole world would watch. From the iconic names of Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar, Dreamworks, you've all had that moment in the cinema where you laughed, cried even when watching a movie.

Now it's okay to continue whatever you're doing now that helps you pay your bills and whatever you're already good at, but maybe ... just maybe if you weren't in any path right now, would the animation field suit you?

Cause you should definitely consider animation if you....

Is already a logical/analytical person


In Animation, even though it is cartoons, slapstick animation, everything needs to still be logical because logical is relatable. What goes up, must comes down even if the character has a little hang time in the air to show some animation exaggeration. Animation is also a lot about your problem-solving skills too. How you analyze a certain situation, be it for an animation scene or technical skills, you need to be easily adapting to new technology and software especially how rampant these new plugins come out for animators these days.

Every wheel needs to rotate the right amount to move a certain distance, every bird needs to flap its wings a certain amount to allow it to lift and fly. These are some of the 'basic logic' that you need to have to be Animator-born.

Is Witty and have good sense of humour


It will be a great plus and definitely animator-born if you would have a mic-drop of humour. Unless you're doing a very dark genre of animation, a good sense of humour in the story of an animation would help appeal and create an enjoyable atmosphere for the audience.

I would have wild imaginations now and then, 'not that kind' but the kind where I have little jokes and funny scenario playing in my head, some of which I don't say out but if I do share them, they usually come in a form of puns.

If you have a good sense of humour, where your friends ACTUALLY laugh and are always giving a good response to your one-liners, then you are Animator-born.

Is a perfectionist


It is going to be your work of art and you better be a perfectionist about it. A lot of animators, including myself take our showreel, jobs very seriously. We know when it is a bad or cringy product and we would often opt to fix it. At the end of the day, our names would be in the credits, and we want our 'best work' to be shown and not the half-ass kamikaze kind of work.

I do know that there are some that I've worked with before often procrastinate in their art. It really does show that they're in this industry only because they think it is an easy way out. The animation field requires you to be a perfectionist if you really want to advance in this industry. One of the criteria to look out for if you are Animator-born.

Is a passionate


I think this is pretty self-explanatory in EVERYTHING that you do. Mostly in things that you know you would actually spend the rest of your life and time invested in. It is a commitment so if you feel that you will never want to touch art or anything creative, then maybe you should stay away from animation. Because animation requires persistent and consistent quality on the art you create, it cannot be just good when you're feeling it.

Animators are famous for their overtimes in the office, their commitment over the weekend on projects. So, if you're not passionate about this field, it's going to be a loooonggg journey if you insist in still becoming an Animator.

Is curious as a cat


You want to know how things are made. You want to know how things work. A lot of these are good knowledge for you to keep and can be applied into your animation. The tendency to keep wanting to understand something is one of the few characters that is needed in the animation field because when we animate, we always ask these two questions: How and why? It helps in your storytelling as well.

You search through the web for references on the hows and whys, you begin to dissect it and who knows, you get inspired and you learn a new thing while at it. This character of curiousity keeps boredom at bay. It's like playing with legos, you keep wanted to build more, but the questions lies in how would you do it?

Are you Animator-born


If you feel that the above mentioned are speaking to your innermost animator core, maybe you were meant to do animation. Even if you're already occupied with other things and are carrying a different journey in life, it's always good to know that you can do animation as well. If you don't match some of these criteria, it also doesn't mean that you were not made for animation because if you still carry that passion for this field, you are bound to make it.

I have a passion for this field but not so much on the artistic side, but I can naturally mentor and lead my team, so I adapt and use whatever my strengths are to create that one great movie. The body is filled with many parts all working together, so I'm sure you'll find a part that fits you perfectly. At the end of the day, you CAN BE Animator-born.

Thank You

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