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in animation •  21 days ago

Dear Steemit Folk,

As an artist in South Africa, I am loving the new route which I am heading into which is Video effects and animation. As you can see though from this short clip I made below, I have to invest in a Mac in order to get mt rendering quality up to standard as well as using suitable frame rates.

Well, I know what I am investing in, the question is would you invest in me as an artist and potential asset to video and film? :-)

May I wish you all a wonderful New Year and great year ahead! As an apprentice trader, it's fantastic to see how the cryptos have recovered from what seemed to be a doomed world. Keep it up as this is the future for our children! I wish to leave them good art...

Thank you!

by Colin Fleming
South African Digital Geometric Abstraction Artist
Copyright 2018 - All rights reserved

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