The Balancing Powers of Animals - I'm Not Talking about Juggling Sea Lions here

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Last week, I wrote a post on learning languages, in my case: Portuguese.

It probably won't surprise you, that I read books to improve my language skills. Unless you're born in the 21st century. In that case, it might.

These days, I'm reading a Portuguese book called A Vida é Uma Escola ( Life is a School ). Added to that title, are the words 'amor' , 'poder' and 'espiritualidades'. Love, power and spirituality are indeed red threads throughout this book.

'Life is a School' talks quite a lot about the so called law of attraction. An approach towards life, that we're all - more or less consciously - practicing. I myself am practicing it more and more consciously every single day.

I guess that I attracted this book, that was lent to me by the proprietors of the camping where I'm presently staying. I had asked them if they had something to read, to improve my Portuguese. As newspapers are all the same, everywhere, and merely depress me, I asked for books. Later they brought me a selection and I picked this title, without knowing what it was about. Apparently, it was on the law of attraction

Today, while drinking my morning coffee, I opened the book on the following page, where the writer is talking about a time when he talked his parents into getting a dog to accompany his chronically ill brother.

This particular segment, talks about a visit to the vet. Here, his mother and him are being told that the dog is suffering from a chronic illness. This illness appears to be the same one that the writer's brother - the dog's future owner - is suffering from.

Now let's go to the line in the book that struck me and inspired me to write this post:


"Os animais não estão neste mundo pare nos servir. Estão neste mundo para nos equilibrar e para que os equilibremos."

which translates to:

Animals aren't in this world to serve us. They are in this world to balance us and vice versa.

Life is about Balance

I found that a beautiful observation, with a lot of truth in it. Being a libra ( born on the 10th of October ) and half of a twin, my life has always been about finding balance. Something that is natural for all of us human beings, but, perhaps even more necessary in my situation. I find this balance, especially, in nature and animals.

So, if you're feeling somewhat unbalanced, you might wanna spend some (more) time in the company of animals or spend (more) time in nature. Perhaps even both? I can't say I'm a fanatic of horses, but, now I think about it: horseback riding in nature must be one of the most powerful combinations possible. The same goes for swimming with dolphins or other huge ( sea ) mammals.

Alright, let's end it here. I need to spend some more time in nature and less time staring at screens. I'm looking forward to your animal stories in the comments sections though ;>)

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Oh my God. I thought about writing about this today. I went on a walk with my dog. We walked by the dog park and I saw the humans with the dogs, and I thought yes, these are the balancers of the planet. The people are so happy with their dogs. They run and play. The dogs bring out the very best in them.


Great minds think alike ;>)

And, as they say: people often get to look like their dogs.
They might take the balancing act a little too far.

I love this post! Animals are extraordinary beings. How many surprises they hide! A hug.