Out of the blue a lonely pigeon appeared in my window and sit down peacefully next to me at my home.

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Yes, this was very weird when i was sitting behind my computer next to a open window, when suddenly i noticed a pigeon sit almost next to me and stayed there for the whole evening.

Then 2 days later it came back and sit on the same window, just sitting there watching me and looking outside. Check out these pictures. At first i heard some noise in at the open window, then i took a look and saw something grey, then to my surprise a noticed a pigeon sitting peacefully there.


Then i took another look, and noticed the pigeon was not afraid of me.


After that i made a short video, and just let it sit there. And yes of course its just a pigeon and what is so special about that you might think...... Well i think its more like to be connected with a animal, which is not my pet is always some kind of special.I think it gave the feeling that you are more connected with nature.

Now keep in mind the pegon was almost 50 centimeters close to me, while i never put food at my window or do anything to else to attract a pigeon. It was more like that out of the blue the pigeon appeared and was chilling in my window. The next morning i saw that the pigeon was gone.

Then later on every time i kept looking at my window, just to see if it would come back. I placed some food, but nothing. Until three days later it came back in daytime and it acted like it wanted to go inside. It looked me straight into the eye and slowly walked inside. I thought WTF is with this pigeon???


But then he stopped and turned around and then sit there peacefully again.......


Then i when back to work and just let him be, i mean its a free world right? But i had to get some close ups of the pigeon and slowly tried to get closer, and while i was doing that, he kept observing me in a very weird way.


But after this encounter it never came back again, and i also never searched for the pigeon.


This was just one of those encounters in life what everyone once a while might experience, what can remind us that we are part of nature, even if it was a tame pigeon, because it was not my pigeon and it should had gone to his home/place were ever. Then sitting next in my window at my home, while i was working behind my computer.

Have you ever experience a encounter with a tame/wild animal what seems to be connected with you in a weird way?

Let me know in the comments please..... and feel free to share, vote and follow!!



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