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RE: Tazewell County, VA: "The Adventure Tourism Capital of the Appalachians" (WARNING: Tourists May Want to Keep Their Pets Far, Far Away From Here)

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what kind of animal does this to a trapped dog? Worse still what kind of 'law enforcement' not only ignores this but aids and abets in the coverup of this cruelty?

I rather doubt I'd want to drive through this community let alone stop there. This is 3rd world country behaviour. Not something expected in a supposedly developed country.


You echo what I've said for a long time--attitudes toward animals here are worse than attitudes toward them in some third world and underdeveloped countries. Defeating this circumstance will require effective leadership that includes appropriate prosecution of offenders and very public discussion of the problems. It will also take social pressure. Tazewell County locals may think they don't care about the world's opinion of them, but let it impact the area economically (and believe me, it already does whether they want to acknowledge it or not) and I imagine some tunes will change.