Photography - The animals are unique and also have beautiful faces

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Good afternoon photography.

Today I want to discuss a little about an animal that has extraordinary beauty, just like a human being has beauty. Yes, I want to share about Stork. What of you there who do not know this one animal, this beautiful animal. Hehe.

Who does not know not this gorgeous animal, this animal belongs to the bird species and bird species like this heron comes from the family Ciconiidae, that's his bilogical name. This bird is larger than ordinary birds in general with legs up to half a meter long. And almost entirely winged and also has a long beautiful tail. Part of the beak and long legs with pink, making them look beautiful.

Stork has a size large enough, but it also has legs and a long neck and also has a strong beak, large and also thick.
The wing of the crane has wings that are wide when laid out.

Do you know if the Stork is silent?

Why? What stork is mute? The answer is definitely no, the stork does not sound because it does not have the organ of sound syrinx. So when communicating with a partner then the crane will pound the part of his beak. The half part of the match pitted with the partner includes how to communicate instead of using voice call.

Herons include migratory migratory bird species, which can fly away by way of flying by means of hot air currents. So it can save energy. Green architecture ala. ha ha

Oya, for the main food types of these long-legged birds are frogs, small birds, fish, worms, and also small mammals on the beach and in wetlands. Such is the gradual way of living this animal.

In my opinion, this animal has its own uniqueness, just as it does this bird like to stand on one foot like a flamingo bird, it's really unique. The standing position using one leg was the goal to rest the other foot. Why do not we think like that when we need a break from the sport or our daily activities. hehe

The crane does this purpose to help the bird move and fly faster when danger is approaching them. This bird is also easier to fly from its footing with one foot only. Very unique. Then there is another interesting theory that proves if the bird lifts one leg that is to show the shrewdness and intelligence. How about man yes. Hmm

Well that's the discussion this time about the crane. Hope can add insight for those who do not yet know. And I also attach some photos that I portray to showcase their beauty while on a break.

See you in the next post. Do not forget to leave comments friends.


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