Killer Tarantulas on the Loose

in animals •  4 months ago


The tarantula featured in this first post of an upcoming series of various tarantulas, is the Lasiodora Parahybana. Or otherwise known as the "Brazilian Salmon-Pink Bird-Eating Tarantula"

This specific species is thought to be the third largest tarantula species in the world.

Here it is enjoying a nice cricket dinner while also posing for the camera.


We have yet be determine the sex of this tarantula but in a few more molts we will be able to say definitively whether this is a male or female.



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As a mosquito, i find this offensive #triggered

Useful animal, but I felt scare of it.

That's a huge one.

Wow, interesting pet! You are lucky you do not have problem with spiders. They are really hairy from close distance. Poor cricket, but it is a life :) How many eggs tarantula can lay and do you have any idea if then what are you going to do with them?