the largest wild cat of the world

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I found an interesting species of wild cat that was created by combining two species of lygrys is a combination of a lion and a tiger below a brief description of this animal.

Legrys, lygrys (a cluster of words "lion" and "tiger") - a hybrid of male lion and female tiger.

Similarly to crucibles, it does not occur in nature and is the result of an accidental or deliberate crossing of animals in captivity. In natural conditions, the ranges of lions and tigers do not overlap, and even if that were the case (Asian lion), there would be conflicts between them. Tigris and lion compounds were reported very rarely. The first documented data on the existence of legyles comes from Asia at the beginning of the 19th century. These animals live from 15 to 20 years. Males are sterile, but females are capable of bearing offspring.

Legends (as opposed to tigers) usually grow to sizes larger than tigers and much larger than lions. The biggest feline in history is the Hercules weighing 418 kg, the legacy living in the American nature reserve in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)



What a big wild cat ! It is felt in the picture of a bus being big. :D

makes an impression 😉

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