Groundhog's Day, Part 2

in animals •  2 months ago

I love groundhogs, and always wanted one for a pet, but they are less favorably regarded by many farmers and horse keepers. Besides doing a number on folks' gardens, their burrows are a real hazard for horses, who can easily break their legs from a misstep into one. For this reason, they are common target practice throughout the countryside.

Though you wouldn't guess from their name, groundhogs are adept climbers! I have witnessed them on several occasions scampering up a nearby tree trunk and perching precariously on a limb to get away from nearby dogs.

This year, both Punxsutawney Phil and Gordy the Groundhog fully emerged, predicting an early spring. However, before you get out your shorts and flip flops, remember that most years, their predictions turn out to be wrong!

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I didn't know that ground hogs could climb. That's interesting. I didn't know that the origins of the tradition of groundhogs day came from German immigrants. that's interesting. I think it's a fun little tradition but I personally do not put much stick into the outcomes. Its superstition. But funny enough I'm always curious to find out if the groundhog saw its shadow or not.

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So cute groundhog)))