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All is well so far!

In order to diversify our flock a bit and get some hens that are better at mothering and brooding, we recently picked up eight tiny Orpington chicks. So far, they have done excellent, and when we brought them out of the brooder for a minute for this photo shoot, one even got a taste of a real insect, which, for a chick, is probably better than the dry, crumbled chick feed they get in the brooder.

Besides being cute, these chicks do look rather grumpy too. Perhaps it is just me, or maybe something with their faces, but they look kind of irritated and sour.

What do you think? Does that chick look grumpy to you? Either way, here are a few more photos of our little chicks. Enjoy!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai

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Haha @papa-pepper exactly they do look grumpy


Glad to hear that you agree. I thought so.

Omg they’re SO cute!! Some of them have already got feathers on their wings! Btw they look innocent to me:)


Innocent? Really? You don't think they look guilty?


Nawww I think they look soooo pure!! Look at the dirt on their face! Love these playful little chickssss 🐣

Aren't they they cutest creatures? Loom at them posing. Must had a difficult time having them "posed"for the camera. Lol.

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chick -chick...i had two baby chickis in my van--i was the mother....today they are big boys --- my heart beats for this nice creaturs--

eggi-gallina 1.jpg
eggi-gallina 4.jpg


They are beautiful! Congratulations!

I think they are judging you for ruining their insect feast with your camera.


Could be. They do look ticked off.

chiks with an attitude.

They look so cute and grumpy in a cute way too

They are so cute. Could you take a photo of them every week till they are big, then put them in one post to show how they grow into big beauties. :-)

They do look grumpy! Perhaps they don't like the dry brooder feed and would like something tastier. I know I would be grumpy if people fed me dry, awful smelling feed from a bag...just saying.