Trimming Horse Hoofs Today: Video Of Our DIY Farrier Work On A Lazy Sunday In Australia

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Today for something different, my wife and I present a little video compilation of us performing some horse hoof maintenance. We've acquired this skill over time as we weren't happy with the work offered by many different farriers that we've employed in the past. By doing this work ourselves, we are able to be more regular, consistent and focused on detail.

Some fancy imagery that makes me look like I'm being born while filing the hoof of the horse giving birth to me. I did say it was fancy!

This mare came to us with overgrown hoofs so it's been a long process of coercing her hoof walls into a correct angle, shape and structure; something we're still working at. Due to me being ill recently and a number of other hurdles, we've let her hoofs go much longer than we normally would and so they appear embarrassingly unkept in this video.

Some of the tools we use

The fact here however is that being young, Nayyerah here likes to gallop around playfully and given some of the hard surfaces she plays on, her weight and speed combine to really tear up the hoofs. Although hoofs are very hard and resilient, it doesn't take much heavy activity for them to show evidence of wear and really these should be kept nicely beveled and rounded regularly for the best resilience against wear and tear and bigger problems.

Some of the hoofs before trimming. They're too long and show clear evidence of tearing and chipping. The hoof walls are becoming straighter with ongoing maintenance and nutrition however.

What we show is in two parts and is actually our first attempt at video editing using free Ubuntu tools. Apologies for the portrait mode. In the first video, we discuss the basic tools that we use and in the second we compile a few clips of cleaning (picking), clipping and filing. I think you'd agree that the end result both looks much better and is much less prone to cracking or other damage.

Part one of the video talking about tools and prep including managing flies when working

Part two of the video showing clips of the work and the end result


Back when i was younger i hung out with a bunch of rodeo people and got real into it. I ended up buying an older horse that had supposedly been trained for calf roping. When i hot him he was in bad shape. His feet were over grown and he was lame. I had a couple ferrier friends and with them showing me what to do snd their expertise he was soon ready to take on yhe world. After he got his legs back we found out he was trained in a bunch of things. Most were gound out by accident. We found out he was a cutter when the dog staryed pkaying and hr wasvtrying to cut him and i went flying off the saddle not knowing....

Q: What do race horses eat?
A: Fast Food.

Hey @mrkstn1. Is sad seeing how horrible some horses' hoofs are permitted to get. As the saying goes, no hoof, no horse. Well done for bringing that chap back to life! What do you mean about the cutting?

nice post amazing video thanks for sharing

My pleasure! Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

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Thank so much @sylviamiller, really appreciate it.

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Thank you TS!

very beautiful scenery.
where is the position of the photograph? I hope to be able to visit the place.

Hi @khalilulhadi. This was filmed at our property south of Brisbane in Australia. Thank you for the kind words.

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Horse is my most favourite animal. A ssupervideo. Keep it up @nolnocluap

That's great feedback @mdsajjad. Especially impressive given that it was our first attempt at editing as I mentioned. No doubt we'll get better at it as time goes on. Appreciate your interest and thank you!

happy to hear you

you make it look so easy

What a wonderful compliment @doitvoluntarily! Often things that look easy to do can be quite deceptive. You're right, we certainly weren't this proficient when we started and knowing how much to trim and how much force to apply and where all took time to learn.

Thanks For Share This.

Nice job learning this skill. I used to watch farmers do this.

Thanks @wandrnrose7. Even with only two horses it is surprisingly physical work and something you need to condition yourself to. Farmers would be well suited to the task I'd say!

Congratulations for learning and benefiting from it!

Thanks @wandrnrose7! Yes the more you can do yourself, the better you can control your environment and produce work that meets your needs without reliance on others. Thanks for watching.

Your are welcome!

How do wild horses maintain their hooves?

Hi @lastgreat1, well, they don't! Wild horses typically don't have the best hoofs because they are just that; wild. They do tend to move around more and hence get more natural wear but chipping and cracking, especially the kind that results from a combination of dry conditions and lack of maintenance can lead to problems. Once cracking gets deep enough and bacteria gets into the hoof you can get nasty problems and generally wild horses don't tend to last as long as those properly cared for.

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i love animals.

They mean a lot to us too.

Great work you doing there @nolnocluap.
Horses are really beautiful and very smart animals.
Respect, Keep it up!!!

They're very smart and affectionate. They give us great joy and working with them like this is a pleasure. Thanks for the comment!

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