Two Dogs Save A Woman From Freezing To Death By Begging To Be Let Out At 4:30 AM

in animals •  8 months ago

Two dogs are being credited with saving the life of an elderly lady who happened to be lost.

Credit: J. Scott Park

Adam and Eve, two labradoodles woke their owner by tugging on his clothes.

Lonnie Chester, the owner said that Adam never woke him in such a manner and that he was skeptic to let them out so late because he didn't know what was out there lurking in the dark.

As Lonnie was opening the door the two dogs took off running, squeezing past and running towards his truck, where they found an elderly woman in her late 80's on the ground, freezing to death, wearing nothing but a nightgown.

"She looked up at me and said, 'I'm so cold,'" Lonnie said. "I have no idea how long she had been out there. She must have been terrified."

In Norvell Township, Michigan, the temperature was about 9 degrees around this time.

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Dogs to the rescue!

he is really lucky that it was not a skunk.

Nice dogs! as we know every thing needs love ether its Human or animal, Thanks for sharing Your post

Wonderful your dog animal photography really amazing

Wow, such intuitive pups!
My uncle used to have a labradoodle, she was the best.
Thanks for sharing this @joseph.
Seems like a post for #thegoodnews
Take care,

I wonder how the old woman got their... I always pity old people who was left behind and still working for themselves..They should be taking a good care.

doge cutes

Dogs have always been the favourite pet for their loyalty to man...i once watched a documentary on natgeowild like this where a rotwiller saved it's owner from getting drowned...great post @joseph

the dogs are incredible they have a sixth sense of things. I always say the same, human beings must to be animals, the world would be much better.
Thank you very much dear friend @joseph for sharing this wonderful information
I wish you a great day

Nice dog so cute

Wow!Dogs will always be amazing!

Wow, that's beautiful, I have the credit also to the owner of the dogs because this shows they the dogs were well trained. I just love dogs because they are intelligent. Thank God the woman's life was saved

Can't Get Enough of this Wunerful STUFF !

This is a cool tale of 2 #Dogs who cared... Love ☻ Stories w/ #Animals in them that have a HAPPY ENDING .

♥ Thanks .

This is a wonderful story! And you wonder why do I like dogs better than cats.(Actually I don't like cats at all...)

so cute and faithful..

That is such a good thing those dogs did. Wow that is amazing.

Very beautiful