Man Finds Pups Abandoned In The Dessert And Now They Have Journeyed Across The Country With Him

in animals •  8 months ago

Jordan Kahana, a freelance digital director saved the cute little pups a little over a year ago, and now they're inseparable.

Some people can be heartless, it shows by the act of abandoning two beautiful black pups in the desert but there has always been that battle between good and evil. It was a blessing to both Kahana and his traveling buddies Sedona and Zeus.

Just look at their cute little furry faces. How could anyone look into those brown eyes and have the heart to walk away ?

I remember when I first read about this story a little over a year ago and it was a story that got major coverage through social media platforms and some even went to throw lots of shade towards Kahana because according to some the story didn't add.

To be frank, the only thing that mattered to me was the beautiful ending to it. Down below is a youtube link in where Kahana explains how he came across the cute little pups and their journey. I have posted a few pictures of the growth of all three as well so I hope you all enjoy transformation as much as I do.

You can see more of the trio and their trips together by following them on Instagram. Link down below

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Such an awesome story! Mad respect for this guy it’s hard to travel with a pet, let alone adopt one while traveling.

Lovely post. I also made a post about our little friends, you can check it, have a good night !)

A big act of kindness to the lesser being. Thanks for sharing this compelling story.


Wow what a story I'm a rescue dog found in the desert to.

cute dog. it's nice to have a dog like that

Nice, you are a hero for those dogs and the animal rights community.

You are doing an great job, in my opinion dogs are the most loyal animals in this world, i think they are more loyal than human beings. And they are also cute and adorable and they can win our heart through their funny and innocent expressions. Thanks for sharing this post of human beings best friend.