Healing Power of Puppies

in animals •  2 years ago

I was feeling pretty badly over the weekend, so I decided some grounding / earthing might be just the ticket & a friend of mine & her little puppy, Hampton, decided to join in.

The three of us wandered over to The Hudson River

We lay down on the grass & amazingly my friend's little chihuahua, Hampton, (who never leaves his mom's side by the way, never ever) spent the entire 2 hours that we were there checking me out & laying on body parts he sensed were weak, injured & in need of healing.

He worked so hard to get me back on my feet & by the end of the 2 hours, he did one of those all over shakes puppies do, I assume to shake off all the energy'koodies' he hopped off me & the pain was gone. I was able to sit up & play with him, full of energy & no longer feeling as if II'd been hit by a truck.

Those puppies man, they've got it this life thing totally figured out.

I'm always astounded at animal's ability to sense, literally everything & to give so selflessly without prompting.

They are skills we'd all be better off cultivating,

Dog spelled backwards is ...






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