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RE: Tazewell County, VA: "The Adventure Tourism Capital of the Appalachians" (WARNING: Tourists May Want to Keep Their Pets Far, Far Away From Here)

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I can't see how the eye witness could dream up a trap that didn't exist. Also the dog was alive and not attacking anything when she made 911 call but needed to be beaten to death for killing chickens in between? Doesn't make sense.

As much as I love you, no, I wouldn't be inclined to visit the area with a dog along. Not sure I'd want to without them either. And I'm part West Virginian and remember when I was little visiting people and needing to stay in the car until my dad got back just in case the people we were visiting felt a need to warn us off...


I absolutely believe the trap existed, and that the dog was caught in it. That's the whole reason the eyewitness called 911--to get help extricating it. She imagines the dog's cries might be audible on the 911 recording. I'd sure love a chance to hear it.