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Since I now have a very financially difficult period, I agree to many options for making money for my animals. Suddenly I was asked to take a kitten for a while! His owners wanted to go on vacation and they did not know with whom to leave their pet.
I made the room, cleaned everything that could be dangerous for the cat, spread the warm blankets in different places and today he arrived.
This is a six month old kitten. He is very affectionate and calm. But he really scared me!
I placed him in his room and went to get water for him. When I returned to the room, it was empty! But there was no place where the cat could hide! He just disappeared! I looked around the room, I looked in all corners, but I could not find him. And you know what? I found him in the nightstand! This is a special nightstand on which the empty aquarium stands and it does not have a back wall.
The next time I went into the room, the kitten was again sitting in the nightstand. I did not argue. I just put a warm blanket there for him. I really hope that he will enjoy the time spent in my house, and his owners will have a good vacation.







Handsome guy.. Cats have a knack of being able to hide..

So sweet cat!!! He looks like a very smart boy 😉

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He is really nice:)

!giphy so+beautiful

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He is a good looking cat!

I added him to http://funnycutecats.com/latest.aspx