Keeping a Wary Eye

in animalphotography •  5 months ago

Harbour seals are all over the west coast of Canada and tourists and locals alike love seeing these fat little sea sausages flaked out on a kelp covered rock or bobbing up and down watching every move the humans make.

Harbour Seal-1.jpg

These seals a extremely skittish. On land they move very awkwardly, flopping around like something straight out of a cartoon but underwater they are graceful and sleek, truly built for speed and evasion. As a photographer getting shots of harbour seals is quite challenging on land and even harder underwater. These shy creatures will roll into the water in a blink of an eye. Shooting with a long lens at a safe distance is the best approach that I've found. Be quiet, and move very slowly or you will miss your chance to capture a good moment.

Harbour Seal-2.jpg

Harbour Seal-3.jpg

Happy snapping and have a great Monday everyone.


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The seals in the first shot look right out of The Secret of Roan Inish. They know something and they are watching for you. ;-)

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Beautiful photography, really it's so funny the way these seals walk.

Wishing I was there! Beautiful shots as always 👌🏻 Thank you for sharing, I love those blobs 💗😂☺️

I would love to see them underwater
Great photos sir

Great photo! 📷✌️

the truth if they look like sausages haha ​​... they have an incredible camouflage with rocks

sweet pictures! :)