Jungle Daily - Someone is watching me!

in animalphotography •  3 months ago

This beautiful green iguana is around a metre long from head to tip of tail. He is up in the Crecopia Tree watching me take photos of him. He sits motionless in the branches for long periods. He can move very fast if he wants to though.





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Wow--such great shots of a very regal looking critter! That's neat to see one so close up. The last time I saw any of these guys was at the resort where we went on vacation in Mexico a few years ago. I didn't get too close to any of them, though. :)


Thanks very much, they are very impressive it’s true. I am always thrilled to see them especially the big boys!! 🌈🦋🌴💛

Stunning shots - what an incredible creature - fantastic eyes and neck ruffles!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks very much, he is an amazing creature! 🌈🦋🌴💛

Love his colours and outfit. He has a very special scarf.


It’s very fancy and frilly isn’t it!🌈🌴🦋🌈💛

Haha he loves the paparazzi attention!


😆 He does!