ANIMAL | Sweet Lexy in a Bicycle Basket

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Every time I went home, I never imagined a day without spending quality time with our pets. As I always mentioned in my previous posts, they are like a family to us. This day, I will share with you another member of the family, a three-month-old stray puppy LEXY.😊

He is one of the most bubbly and energetic among the rest of them. He always fond of playing with the bicycle and his favorite hang out is to be placed at the bicycle basket. We started to notice it because every time that a bike with a basket in it would pass in front of him, he always had this soft moan and started barking. Then, he would not stop until you picked him and placed inside the basket. We could see how exciting he is while enjoying his short distance road trip.

There was a time that we removed the basket from the bike. Suddenly, we found Lexy deeply asleep inside in it. I can still remember how lovely he was at that moment.

I took this photo using a Samsung Galaxy Note and my contribution for #animalphotography by @juliank.😊

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