WATCH THIS - Hand-Catching Fish in Crystal Clear Water!

We've done several shoots with Captain Tom of Captain Tom's Custom Charters and it's always a fun time with this guy on the boat, he's easily one of the most colorful characters I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He usually runs fishing, sight-seeing and wildlife photography charters along the clear waters of Silver River.

I believe the first time we worked with him was to search out some of the monkeys that live near the river. Yes, there are wild monkeys in Florida. They were placed on a certain island along the river as part of a tourist attraction back in the 1930's by a guy named Col. Tooey who soon learned that monkeys can swim. They have inhabited the area ever since and their numbers are estimated to be in the thousands today.
Tourists see Rhesus monkeys on a tour cruise - Ocala, Florida . 19--. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 13 Aug. 2018.Florida Memory Project

I know I have some footage of the monkeys somewhere but we're here to see Capt. Tom catch some fish with his hands! I'm familiar with 'noodling' for giant catfish (which is on my bucket list still) but I have to admit, I was excited to see this happen. He would feed the panfish (mostly bluegills, shellcrackers/red ears, and green brim) bits of bread and eventually entice them to where he could grab 'em, it was pretty impressive!

If you're pressed for time, just skip ahead to 3:30 or so to see the first of a few catches.
video captured with GoPro Hero4 - ©2018

Thanks for stopping by!

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That is awesome. I was the video, i was picturing that scene in Bloodsport where master Shidoshi plunges his hand into a fish pond and pulls out a fish bare handed. This was not similar but still way cool.

· Van Damme throwback! It was certainly something very interesting to witness, thanks @mellofello!


That GoPro camera is amazing btw. I am amazed by the quality.


They certainly are wonderful little tools to utilize 'out there'

How do those monkeys keep their shirts so nice and white?

The "real" monkeys remind me of the ones in Gibraltar. They must be a similar species, if not the same.

Nice video. I'm surprised the fish like bread. It doesn't seem like a very fishy food.


lol, damn tourists...welcome to Florida bud...We're full go home! They're rhesus monkeys apparently. Had a herpes scare from them a few years ago over there. I believe there's even specific FB page dedicated to some lone wolf rhesus that has taken up domicile in some urban hood.

So awesome @liberty-minded and so beautiful underwater. I am sorry I saw it too late to vote on it or resteem it. 🌈🦋🌴💛🍀


no worries, glad you enjoyed it @sallybeth23!

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