Un consentido del patio // César//

in animalphotography •  7 months ago

Amigos de steemit
anexo dos fotos de el dueño del patio,un Ovejo que es muy inteligente y es el consentido, se llama Cesar.Este simpático Ovejo,nos lo obsequió un gran amigo,lo amamantamos y cuidamos hasta verlo crecer y se le han enseñado a atender cuando se le llama a comer es muy gracioso-

Friends of steemit
two pictures of the owner of the patio, a sheep that is very intelligent and is the spoiled one, is called Cesar.This nice little sheep, we got a great friend, we nursed him and took care of him until we saw him grow up and they have taught him to attend when he is called to eat is very funny- Fotos tomadas con celular Samsung-

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