Pet Help DIY aka CAT in BOX

I got a Green House today.


Jasper (cat) was as keen as me, for different reasons. While I puzzled on which pieces went where, he was having a WOW of a time, as cats with boxes do, haha.


Cats can squeeze themselves in some tight spaces when they're determined.


Evening hit, tummys rumbling, but in the end, we both got what we wanted :)


And while his dinner was as appealing as raw chicken with biscuits can be, I was quite contended with mine.


I hope you all had a great day too ~
Thanks for looking!

Photos taken on Moto G4 Plus Snartphone


Were both ends of the box open? Or how did we get in that position? 🤔

You would wonder lol. Only one end was open. He climbed down the bottom and somehow turned around :D

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