The Lone Wolf in a Pack - @Maverickinvictus' Writing Contest

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"Don't consider my kindness as my weakness. The beast in me is sleeping not dead. - Moosa Rahat



My official entry for @Maverickinvictus' "Hayup ka! (You're an animal!) Writing contest"

First and foremost, I'd like to say hello to all the friends I have here in Steemit. It has been a long time since I last made a post here. Embarrassing, I know. But it's never too late to get yourself together and start Steeming again, ain't it? So before I tell the long tale of why I have been gone for a while, I'll go ahead and proceed to my entry for this writing contest..

If I was an animal, what would I be?


When I saw Mav's contest, I was immediatly hyped about the idea of joining it and being able to share a significant part of my personality, being represented by an animal, through a writing contest. And it has been what? 6 days? Probably long overdue for a person who is so excited to join. In my defense, I am not the type who does things without effort, especially if I love/like what I do. I have this natural instinct to impress people at the best that I can. Even if I fail, atleast, I tried. That has been a rule of life for me.
I was taking my time to choose what animal I would want to be, or what animal distinctively identifies me. Oh and guess what, I even took a simple quiz to somehow help me identify my spirit animal. And if you'd like, you can try it yourself!

Here's the link: Spirit Animal Quiz

I answered the quiz as honestly as I can, I love taking these kind of quiz. Of course there's no assurance as to how accurate the results may be, but you should be able to tell yourself if the result had justified your answers, right?

As for me, I think it justified my answers all right.

I have always admired the wolf, as an animal. Wolves are strong, compassionate, intuitive, intelligent and has remarkable appetite for freedom.
Why compare myself to a wolf? Mr. Mav here would've expected me to choose a cat as my spirit animal, or as he often refer to as "Meowpao" LOL.
Kidding aside, choosing a wolf as animal that I would be, I think it's the perfect animal for me.


I am strong in my ways. I have defeated every battle, every challenge in life that I faced. However it has tried to knock me down, look at me, still standing strong. As what the song says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

I am compassionate. I am not saying this to brag and boast, instead, I am saying this to introduce myself and inspire and motivate more people to do the same. I think being compassionate is one of the most precious and priceless gift you can offer to the world. Being compassionate is not by my choice, instead I always find myself having this trait with me. Not that I don't want it, I am very thankful for it actually. Compassion is what makes us human, what drives us to do good even if we are treated unfairly. It makes my heart flutter, does yours too?

I am intuitive. This may not seem very obvious, but I am one of those people who values the importance of following their gut. More often that I like to follow my instinct if I can sense the bad signal. Is it weird? I'm not sure weird is the word that covers for it. If I am having a really hard time in making decisions, my best option is to follow my instinct because I believe my instinct will not fail me.

I am intelligent. Yes, say it with confidence! But never bumptious, proud but never conceited. I am no Einstein and my intelligence is not measured by how much I know, instead, how much I understand and willing to learn. For me knowledge is an infinity of information no one could ever take a hold of. Because I believe that every person is intelligent in their own unique way.

I am constantly hungry for freedom! Ever since a child, I have always led my own ways in the simple things I do. Maybe because since a kid, my parents have trained us to be independent and be decisive in things that we have the rightful wits to. They've always let me choose things in my power and that has taught me to have this appetite for freedom that I always had since a kid. Maybe being the first born is also a benefiting factor for that. My parents would always let me do what I do and if I make a mistake, the best thing is I learned from it on my own. I'm not used to being controlled or having so many limits up until now that I have grown legal to make my own decisions. I can't say it's the best parenting because let's be honest, being a parent is impossible. But one important thing that you teach your children if you give enough freedom to them? It's a very clear message that you have trust in them. And that's a tight bond between a parent and child.

Why the title "The Lone Wolf in a Pack"

This title has a deep significance in my life. As amazing the idea of being a wolf is, it cannot be helped that some wolf are considered to be a lone wolf. With that being said, I am also a lone wolf, the only difference is that I am a lone wolf in a pack.
Yes, I have friends. I have lots actually. But they never get to the deeper and darker side of my personality. Not most people would try honestly. It's because I only let them see the surface. And I have built this huge wall to protect what's beyond unseen waiting to be unleashed. Hints have been made over the past few years but the riddle has never been solved.
Maybe another reason I'm protecting this dark side is because I am preventing it from inflicting damage to others, more to myself.
Many have triggered this dark, hidden side but I don't let anger take over. No matter how hard it is to hold back the flourishing anger against people who have mistakenly mistreated me. Probably because the goodness in me is still dominant than the other. And I know in the bottom of my heart, that goodness takes over all. But I must warn you, tame the lion, but never tame the wolf. Because while the lion is the king of the jungle, this lone wolf will someday lead the pack, and no single mind is better than a group of minds working together as one...


Aaaaaaaaaand that's me folks! I do hope that I was able to justify the mighty wolf here in my entry. It was a tough call knowing that I like to be detailed when it comes to these kind of topics. (Sharing a bit of who you are) I would gladly be a cat for sometime but cats are most basically mean and assholes. Even cat lovers would admit that. (I'm a cat lover. My cat can be an asshole most of the times but I still love her. Can you imagine? Lol)

I've missed being able to express myself here in this platform and it has been a great comeback by joining this contest. I'd love to win but it's the opportunity to share and express that's making this journey truly remarkable. Hope to join more of these contents in the future.


Happy Steeming Everyone!

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I think this is why we are friends because we both felt a connection of being a lone wolf in a pack.

We have our own demons in our heads but so far has survived all the hurts and disappointments.

I've seen the vulnerability and strength in your character and seen the intuive mind that discerns something is wrong.

I know that you crave the freedom and one day you will be free from the shackles that put you down.