Wacky Facts by Agent K #30: Did You Know a Pig Was Sentenced to Death for Murder in Medieval France?

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According to the two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux Jr. "happy pigs" make better bacon. And in case you're one of those who take bacon lightly, think twice. There's actually real science involved in the "art" of making bacon tasting so freaking good! 


Interestingly, there's a respectable amount of people who also think that pigs make good pets, but I personally don't see how one can be "friends" with someone they will eventually want to slaughter and devour. Am I wrong here? 

Historically, however, people were not always fond of pigs. More particularly, in Medieval France pigs were as unpopular as it gets. They were so disliked that many of them were sentenced to death for one reason or another. Can you believe that? I couldn't either! 

The Menu of the Day 

During my law studies I learned a lot of interesting things. Especially History of Law (or Legal History to some) taught me a few things about some of the most bizarre laws ever, which may sound crazy to us today but were once a trend. One such legal trend was the animal trial

Nowadays, non-humans won't be held culpable for a penalized act, simply because they lack moral agency! Funnily, that wasn't always the case. From the thirteenth century until the eighteenth, animal trials became a thing in all over Europe. 

Many animals were found guilty during those centuries with some of the most notable cases including pigs. In France they took the whole thing so seriously that they would even hire a lawyer in order to defend the accused animal. Crazy stuff !!!!

The very first case is mentioned in Edward Payson Evans’s book The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals, when a pig was accused in 1266 for attacking and eating a person. The "ruthless" pig was sentenced by the monks of  Sainte-Geneviève (in France) to death by burning like a witch. 

In the most notable case of all, a pig in France was found guilty and condemned to death by public hanging, after attacking and killing a toddler. The remaining general receipt from that trial  – which took place on January 9, 1386 –  grants payment of ten sous and ten deniers to the kid's family, and mentions among other things:

 "For his efforts and salary for having dragged and then hanged at the [place of] Justice in Falaise a sow of approximately three years of age who had eaten the face of the child of Jonnet le Macon, who was in his crib & who was approximately three months old, in such a way that the said infant died from [the injuries], and [an additional] ten s. tournoise for a new glove when the Hangman performed the said execution: this receipt is given to Regnaud Rigaut, Vicomte de Falaise; the Hangman declares that he is well satisfied with this sum and that he makes no further claims on the King our Sire and the said Vicomte." 

The Female Pig With the Bad Mouth 

From Evans’s book The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals, we also learn about another interesting case including a female pig that was executed for blasphemy. 

In 1394, the citizens of Mortaign, France (AGAIN), witnessed the public death penalty of a naughty female pig that wandered into the local church, where she created a little chaos.  Eventually, she was "arrested" by the local authorities and was put on trial, where she was found guilty of blasphemy and later hanged for her "sins." 


Animal trial

The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals

Medieval animal trials in Europe – A pig sentenced to death by hanging for murder

In 1386, a pig was publicly tried and executed for murder

1386: The Sow of Falaise, seeing justice done


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You missed the most important part. Did they eat them afterwards or what?

I thought you were going to ask if they were wearing lipstick.



😂😂😂 Actually they didn't as the pig was seen as cursed and evil and they didn't want to be infected by its evil soul!

Can animals be "possessed" as humans can? Seems that early Christians (not just Medieval ones) thought so. Personally I have seen human "possessions", but never an animal one to date.

"As Jesus was traveling in the hilly region east of the Jordan River, the path of this man who was controlled by demons and lived among the tombs crossed that of Jesus. Because of the physical strength the demons gave the man, he was able to break and throw off the chains with which people tried to bind him. When the demons begged Jesus to let them go into a herd of pigs, He gave them permission. They entered the pigs, rushed down the steep bank into the lake, and were drowned. Jesus thereby made known His authority and thwarted whatever evil purpose the demons had."

PIGS....AGAIN!!!!!!!! Let's face it: people were always looking for ways to execute pigs in order to consume them. God Bless Murica (and English breakfast) for making "pig slaughter" as legit and guilt-free as it gets. A burger without bacon, is like corn flakes without milk :P

Btw, if you have never seen a "possessed" animal, you need to check this sheep right here ;) LOL


Someone's very inspired with his jokes this morning!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Years ago, I had a cat. Nice cat... until something entered. She was laying on the couch, on her back, all four legs up, head was moving side to side and she was saying, "Om nom nom nom nom nom nom." It went on like that for awhile. Always six noms. I made sure to count, because what else is there to do when you're cat is clearly possessed and you don't know who to call. Anyway, there's my story. I must sleep now.

Deep down inside, you always know who to call :-)

You're right. Bill Murray will know just what to do.

Hahaha..trying to picture the trial back then and I can't stop laughing.

Definitely,my favorite wacky fact of yours @tkappa

Thanks bro. I really appreciate your support :)

I thought I could smell bacon.

Every time you were taken to the court you mean or when you were reading this post? :P lol

I've been in trouble to the point of court, once. I was a teenager. No criminal record here. I was thrown in the drunk tank once... I think I wrote about that. Can't remember.

I read your headline and I predicted I'd see a picture of bacon. I was right. I wrote about bacon today too. I might eat some later, but first I must sleep.

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Hahahaha, alright mate. Have a good rest :)

PS. I am checking your today's post now btw ;)

Lol at hanging a pig for doing something wrong. Bad pigs.

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Wolves were found guilty many times as well, but it wasn't as easy for the local authorities to arrest them or put them inside a court ;)

Haha. Yeah, I can see how wolves could better get away with their wrongdoings.

Great way to exchange. Very useful post . Thanks @htoomsDQmSLTuxntpJyERFjy7HwS6iHkYmFSsYhpd6V6jcndBBEDh.gif

I am sure Leo is laughing with you right now ;)


eat me.. eat me.. eat me... eat me.. :PPPPP

Lol at hanging a pig for accomplishing something incorrectly.