14 Benefits Of Termite Queen For Humans

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Queen Termite is a large caterpillar that lives in a termite nest that has a large body fat, the size of the Queen Termites reaches the size of an adult's pinkie and may even exceed it.
In one colony Termite hananya there is one Queen Termites. Here is the picture of the Queen Termites;




To find the queen termite will be a little difficult because the nest Ratu Termap apart from the termite nest workers, usually nest Ratu termites round. Here is a picture of the nest of Queen Termites;



Here are some benefits of Queen Termites for the health of the human body;

  • source of protein
  • Hypertension
  • cholesterol
  • Body supplements
  • Helps growth and development in children and remeja
  • Treat various skin diseases
  • Keep your eyes open
  • Diabetes or diabetes
  • uric acid
  • Tired and lethargic
  • prostate
  • back pain
  • Beautify hair and skin
  • Helps bone and muscle formation

Here's how to consume Queen Termites;

  1. select the Queen Termites are fat and still white
  2. note the cleanliness of the Queen Termites of sand and soil that may be attached to the body of the Termite Queen
  3. Cut the Queen Termite head with the nail or knife before it is inserted into the mouth
  4. and the last one enter Queen Termites into the mouth and swallow it without chewing


Thus the benefits and how to consume Queen Termites.
For those of you who want a Queen Termite can direct message in our place
Via WA / contact to no 085262313170
Price per one queen Rp100,000.

May be useful...


Hello miftarizal,

     Great information,

Even i have started a website on termite queen.
Please contact me, we can grow together
[email protected]

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