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Very cute dog, it looks extremely kind :)
I have a teacup poodle. Never ever thought Iwould get a dog let alone a poodle, but now I couldn’t imagine my life without her !


Oh My Goodness, How innocent this Charlie is <3 <3 <3
Those eyes though looks like a rabbit, so cute and gorgeous creature :)

It's an old but true saying, Scottish is best :0D


It funny though , it shows the animal is friendly and harmless

These are cute, really cute.

What is happening on Steemit? I’ve been too busy but I feel like it’s getting even worse. And we can’t even talk. Hmmm.

or a fluffy cat, lol
Just letting you know @booster is currently down, looks like all the SP is gone from the account.

Or an Australian cattle dog mutt


That's so cool awesome :)

My Lilly is a yorkie 💜


irma gerd,,,,, he is all ears lol

hey cute dog

so cute ❤️
my lovely dog "ppoppo"

My dog Harvey is too cool for these photographs.