Octopus The Sharp-witted Sea Animal

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About Octopus

Octopus is a mollusk animal of the class Cephalopoda (animal legs located in the head), consists of 289 species that account for one-third of the total species of the Cephalopoda class.


The octopus arm is a muscular hydrostatic structure that is almost entirely composed of a boneless muscle layer or outer skeleton.
The octopus has 8 arms (not tentacles) with a vacuum in the form of concave spheres on the arm used to move on the seabed and capture the prey.

Octopus has a relatively short life span and some species only live for 6 months. Larger species such as the North Pacific giant Octopus weighing up to 40 kilograms can live up to 5 years under appropriate environmental conditions.

The octopus is pale or white, but the color of the skin can be changed according to the color and pattern of the surrounding environment with the intention of camouflaging.


Guritan yang suka main di buritan

Bukan, gurita itu binatang yang suka makan kapal laut

Nie abang tertua dari cumi kan..

That's right. Salah satu binatang luat purba yang masih hidup hingga zaman now

Gurita enak kalau dimasak

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