Tips to control your anger

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Anger can be defined by the feeling of displeasure or annoy. Each and every people in this world has this quality. There may be more in some and fewer in others but everybody has this quality for sure. Anger may cause serious problems especially when you want to live in a society. It is also a risk to your health.

So, now need to control our anger as much as possible. I'd like to share ten of the process to control your anger dividing them into two parts each part containing five.

  • Thinking before speaking: in the moments that are hot, it is very easy to say something that may make you regret later on. These bad things may increase the heat of the situation more. If you think before speaking anything, you may be saved from regretting. Take a deep thinking before saying anything.
  • Express the anger in the assertive form: Once you've started thinking clearly before speaking, you, make sure that you express your annoying feeling and frustration in an assertive way. But this should not be in any confrontational way. Make your statement of your concerns clearly. You mustn't do that hurting the people who are involved in the situation.
  • Physical activities: stress can make you angry. Some of the physical activities may help you to remove those stresses. While feeling anger, have some escalation, walk or run. You may also spend time doing tasks that are enjoyable to you to remove stress and thus control your anger.
  • Have some break: Take some short breaks on the days that are tending to be a stressful one. Some quiet moments may help you manage a lot of task without getting angry.
  • Search for the solution: Don't think about the thing that made you angry. Think about the way to solve the situation. You should know that anger can't solve anything. So try to find a solution to those that make you angry instead of thinking about how worse that is.
Read the next part to find out the rest five.
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