BRhodium Advances to “Release Candidate” Stage, Portending Imminent Launch!

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The most exciting thing about HODLing Bitcoin is the exciting opportunities that present themselves – oftentimes, “out of nowhere.” None more so than the steady stream of “crypto-dividends” (thank you, Adam Meister!) that have enriched BTC holders greatly…and will continue to do so for years to come. The first batch were Bitcoin forks – starting with the scam known as BCash; that, for all its faults, enabled Bitcoin to demonstrate its anti-fragility, and forced it to grow much faster than it otherwise would have.

Bitcoin holders benefitted greatly from this “free money,” particularly the BCash and BGold forks that were relatively easy to access. That said, the rest have been extremely difficult – and in many cases, impossible, to access; and given the inexorable decline in their value, most are no longer worth the trouble. But irrespective, they still exist – and as long as you HODL; and HOLD YOUR PRIVATE KEYS; the potential of safely splitting an asset that COULD one day have substantial value, remains.

That said, the next generation of crypto-dividends – which I have written of extensively over the past eight months – is unquestionably, AIRDROPS to existing Bitcoin holders who HOLD THEIR PRIVATE KEYS. Unlike forks, airdrops don’t require a third party to split them – as by CLAIMING them, by signing messages with public addresses containing Bitcoin, you receive them without ANY risk. To that end, I expect airdrops to not only be utilized for “clone-like” altcoins, but ones with completely different use cases.

Airdrops have been utilized in a handful of cases, but never as the primary distribution method of a newly created altcoin – until BRhodium, that is. Which, on my Twitter feed, I’ve published close to 30 articles about over the past eight months about - packaged neatly last month by staunch BRhodium supporter “Bitcoin to the Moon.”

In my view, BRhodium is one of the few altcoins with a viable, sustainable use case – and as it is a BRAND NEW BLOCKCHAIN (NOT a Bitcoin fork), it will have its own identity. This, combined with its miniscule supply (by my estimates, about 725,000 upon launch, with a maximum of 2.1 million that won’t be reached for another 100 years), will make it one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, in fiat terms, in the entire space. Moreover, the vast majority will be held by “Bitcoin whales” – which likely, will make it EXTREMELY tightly held. Just check out the flourishing BRhodium Discord chat room – which in time, will grow as rapidly as its market capitalization.

The reason I’m writing this extremely jubilant article is that yesterday, lead developer “Henry” announced the “Release Candidate” version of BRhodium’s testnet had been uploaded – which you can view here.

For those that don’t know what “Release Candidate” means – including me, until yesterday morning – it is the final testnet stage before mainnet release. In the words of an anonymous developer, “It's a candidate to be released for production. Final phases of testing and bug fixes.”

BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS dev team have painstakingly avoided an estimated launch date. However, given the Candidate Release news, it would appear the launch date is VERY close. Which, given the value I believe it will demonstrate, could single-handedly re-invigorate altcoin development - particularly if, as I suspect, the crypto market returns to a bull market phase in the coming months.


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