ANDY HOFFMAN ( BRhodium Mainnet Launch Portends Imminent Exchange Listing…And Altcoin Leadership Role

in #andyhoffman3 years ago

After 10 months of exhaustive coding, marketing, and logistics, the ANONYMOUS BRhodium development team launched the Mainnet last night – which as I speak, is being mined by the global BTR community.

I have exhaustively discussed my views about BRhodium for the past year – which I believe, will set a new bar for the altcoin community…as not only is it an independent, non-forked blockchain, but the first to be distributed via an airdrop to existing Bitcoin holders. All of my articles are archived at – which you can find by simply typing “BRhodium” in the search engines; at my Steemit page, “andyhoffman”; and via this compilation, from equally staunch BRhodium advocate, “Bitcoin to the Moon.”

With its extremely limited supply; strong, decentralized mining community; and powerful marketing effort, I believe BRhodium has the potential to one day be viewed as the “Berkshire Hathaway of altcoins.”

Per the below press release, just published, once 2016 blocks are mined, it will be immediately listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange. This, and all BRhodium-related topics, will be discussed on a special 1-on-1 podcast today on the World Crypto Network, at 4 pm EST, with one of BRhodium’s anonymous development team.


Look out crypto world, Bitcoin Rhodium has arrived!

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