ANDY HOFFMAN ( BRhodium Launch Just Weeks Away!

in #andyhoffman2 years ago

Finally, it’s here! Ten months after the BRhodium claiming process commenced, what I expect to be one of the most popular altcoins EVER is on the cusp of launching.

This morning, BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS devs posted a Tweet, stating that a last chance to claim BTR is coming, on September 22nd – 29th. It will NOT be for those who never registered for the airdrop – but instead, the handful who did properly register, but missed the claim deadline or made a mistake doing so. To that end, I have helped many people claim their properly-registered BTR – so if you want such help now, please go to the “Consultation” page of my website,

Though no specific date has been set, it appears that very shortly after the final claim period, BRhodium will be launched. That is, available to trade - with other BTR holders privately, and at least one cryptocurrency exchange. I will publish more information as it becomes available, and plan to interview one of the devs on YouTube when the launch date is set.

Congratulations to those who claimed their BTR, and patiently waited for this big day in altcoin history! I.e, the FIRST altcoin to be distributed SOLELY to Bitcoin holders via airdrop; on its OWN, decentralized blockchain; with ultra-scarcity; a tightly-held float; English-speaking developers; and professional marketing.