8/06 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): MORE Great BRhodium News, As It Surges Toward Launch!

in #andyhoffman3 years ago

Yesterday, I wrote of how BRhodium’s testnet had been upgraded to “Release Candidate” stage; i.e., the last phase of testing before launch.


Today, the urgency to push BTR over the finish line increased – with yet another major announcement. Which was, that testing on the BTR Electrum wallet had commenced. When finished, it will enable BRhodium holders the option of holding their BTR in official wallets, or the more anonymous Electrum ones. This is a big security initiative, which will only make it more valuable.

bolsenToday at 7:46 AM
Hi everyone. We are starting a test for Electrum on Windows. Links: http://tfaucet.bitcoinrh.org/electrum-btr-3.2.2-beta1.exe, http://tfaucet.bitcoinrh.org/electrum-btr-3.2.2-beta1.exe.DIGESTS.txt (for sha256 hash)

I, as well as the entire BRhodium community, are looking forward to the final testing stages’ completion – as afterward, what I see as, potentially, the “Berkshire Hathaway of Altcoins,” will be ready for launch!


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