7/17 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): My Big BRhodium Interviews Tomorrow!

in andyhoffman •  last year  (edited)

Following this week’s “publicity” – as the Bitcoin community seeks to figure out what (the rapidly approaching) BRhodium cryptocurrency is, Thomas Hunt of the World Crypto Network has decided to interview me tomorrow to discuss it.

I already have my weekly 1-on-1 scheduled for 8 am PST – with, by coincidence, Adam Meister…the person who first told me about BRhodium, and has been its other major supporter. Thus, it will be quite the morning – as we discuss BRhodium at 8 am PST…followed by my Thomas Hunt interview, also on the World Crypto Network, at 9:15 am PST.


Adam discusses the topic further in his daily podcast today – as well as another scarcity crypto called Unobtanium, which I believe to be a good, but inferior project…which may or may not come up tomorrow.


Looking forward to it!

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