6/29 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Can BRhodium Turn the Tide for Altcoins?

in andyhoffman •  9 months ago

Yes, I know the premise sounds ridiculous, amidst a cryptocurrency ecosystem in a major bear market. And yes, I know that ultimately, only Bitcoin can save it. However, at this point, it’s beyond doubt that the egregious, Wall Street-fueled altcoin bubble of January 2018 was a major reason why crypto sentiment has soured so badly; so much so, it has dragged down Bitcoin with it…for the time being.


That said, I have recently made it clear that I believe altcoins are here to stay – which in my view, is loudly evidenced by the fact that Bitcoin market cap “dominance” is STILL just 43%, despite the horrific crypto market plunge. And while 95% of altcoins have no use case other than speculation; and likely, never will; some will no doubt carve out niches in the crypto ecosystem once the bull market inevitably resumes.

To that end, I have been quite vocal in my support of BRhodium; the first - and to date, only altcoin to be distributed by a free airdrop to Bitcoin holders. Which, as it turns out, required a significant amount of proactivity and attention to detail to acquire. Those who did the work - and listened to those, like myself, publicly disclosing such detail – are holding BRhodium now, awaiting the launch that with each passing day, becomes more imminent.


Since the airdrop process started in December, I have been in contact with BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS developers on their public Discord channel; and over this six-month period, developed a high regard for their competency and motives…unlike, say BPrivate, the scam that REKT countless ZClassic investors; and three months later, has still not been listed…which is probably why it trades for $10, for the handful of people who have actually split it.


Two months ago, I wrote of how BRhodium’s developers were doing things the right way – as opposed to what I have observed in nearly every other altcoin. However, those views heavily understate what I have seen since…and frankly, the cryptocurrency bear market has, if anything, highlighted this discrepancy. As today, with BTR’s testnet having successfully been deployed; to a community with significant unity, and genuine excitement for BRhodium’s future; it wouldn’t surprise me if when it is imminently launched, it is a MAJOR success. So much so, it actually reinvigorates views on what altcoins developed the right way (NOT as Bitcoin forks); with viable, long-term use cases; can ultimately be!


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Interesting points Andy - I hadn't thought of it that way before. Time will tell, I guess. 👍