6/25 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Major BRhodium Announcements – As Launch Inevitability Inches Toward Imminence

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The crypto bear market is exposing the 95%-plus of altcoins with no viable use cases…and laying waste to Bitcoin forks – which literally, are carbon copy clones with no reason to exist.

That said, altcoins are clearly not going away – as evidenced by Bitcoin dominance STILL being only 41%, despite the massive altcoin bear market. Consequently, when the long-term Bitcoin bull market reasserts itself (hopefully, now!), there will unquestionably be major altcoin success stories…and far more altcoin failures, given how risky the sector has proven to be.

To that end, I have been a MAJOR fan of BRhodium, the only altcoin to be launched as an airdrop to Bitcoin holders…which is NOT a Bitcoin fork, but a newly-created blockchain its developers have bent over backwards to create. Which in my view, has a “scarcity” use case that will be very difficult to replicate, given the unique set of factors inherent to BRhodium’s evolution. Which, I might add, was HELPED by the bear market, by preventing any competitors from attempting to launch during BTR’s development process.

Today, we learned that BTR’s alpha testnet is up and running – which shortly, a handful of miners will be invited to test. Also, a brand-new website was launched – with an updated roadmap signaling a 3Q exchange launch.


Moreover, since just 577,000 of the allotted 850,000 airdropped coins were claimed, the total supply will be significantly less than I expected. Thus, the initial “shares outstanding” will likely be no more than 750,000 - of the 2.1 million maximum lifetime cap…of which, 1.05 million will be mined over the next 100 YEARS.

50% mineable (1.05 million BTR)
40% reserved for two AirDrops (840 000 BTR)
5% premined for PR (105 000 BTR)
5% premined for dev (105 000 BTR)

Stay tuned on BRhodium’s Discord community – which quite soon, could be the focal point of the “Berkshire Hathaway of cryptocurrency”…


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