12/30 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Difficulty Change, Strong Hands Snapshot, Exchange Listing All Near-Term Events

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Fittingly, the crypto sector is ending the year with a whimper – completing 12 months of frustrating, painful, but necessary retrenchment following last year’s historic bubble.

As noted earlier this week, the fact that Bitcoin could not hold the widely watched “Hoffman Line” (i.e., the $100 billion market cap level that invites institutional investment) was the biggest disappointment of my career – as given all that has occurred, there is no fundamental reason it should have occurred. All the FUD about Tether, SV, and declining hash rate – from dramatic, record high levels – turned out to be non-events. However, Bitcoin’s decline continued - to the point that from an investment adoption standpoint, it’s road to recovery now appears dramatically more difficult.

Could it rapidly change course, retake the Hoffman Line, and approach five-digits in the first half of 2019? Of course, as this is crypto. However, the November crypto plunge was so dramatic, and traumatic, it would not surprise me if the path to recovery is far more “U” than “V” shaped.

That said, one of the year’s best altcoin stories has unquestionably been BRhodium – which, following an entire year of development; during which, its anonymous development team took its time developing code, security, strategy, and community, the first pure “store-of-value” coin is on the verge of taking center stage.

Since MainNet launched nine weeks ago, BTR’s Hash Rate has surged to record highs; the Discord community is burgeoning with new members; and trading volume, both OTC (where I am very active) and on Bisq; has been enormous. From an initial price of .0005/BTC when MainNet launched – or roughly $3/BTR; it hit a high of nearly .008 BTC/BTR, or more than $30, last night…before dipping this morning on essentially no volume. In other words, the perfect buying opportunity, given the massively positive confluence of near-term events on the horizon. And oh yeah, the silly valuation the soon-to-be-widely-recognized “crypto trinity” store-of-value leader still affords, relative to the essentially useless Bitcoin forks, from BCash on down.

Currently at block 9,900, the 10,080 difficulty adjustment is roughly 24 hours away – a fitting end to 2018, which has seen dramatic growth in the barely two-month old BRhodium MainNet. Pool Hash rate is now consistently above 2.0 TH/s, rising sharply in recent days ahead of what will clearly be a significantly favorable difficulty adjustment; easily, making it the most attractive X13 mining option when one considers how undervalued the price is, given the aforementioned events.

Such as, the January 1st “Strong Hands” snapshot – locking in wallet sizes for the annual, in-kind “crypto-dividend” that will be paid to holders who do not reduce wallet holdings over the ensuing 12-months. And of course, the P2PB2B.io exchange listing – which will commence no later than January 14th, but could be announced any day.

At this “snapshot” in time, BRhodium, despite its early price success, still trades at MASSIVE discounts, in terms of market cap, to unfathomably inferior projects that in my very strong view, will evaporate once exchange listing commences - which in turn, will spawn new exchange listings; and word spreads around the crypto investment and mining communities of the first “new age” store-of-value altcoin.

BRhodium currently trades at a 63% discount to Lightning BTC, 67% to Super BTC, 68% to the all-out scam BPrivate, 93% to BDiamond, and 96% to BGold…and given its upcoming “debut,” after a year of having been crafted as one of the few altcoins with a viable, defensible use case, I don’t expect these discounts to last far into 2019.

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