12/11 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): What Makes BRhodium So Special, In A Rapidly Changing Financial World

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Bitcoin’s most important contribution, thus far, is introducing a new financial paradigm that will unquestionably make the world a better place. How long it takes is uncertain, but billions of people will eventually understand how much more valuable Bitcoin is than fiat currency, Precious Metals, and all other forms of money – in terms of both store-of-value and transactional utility.

However, it’s VERY early in a game that could take decades to play out. I think we all hoped otherwise, but seeing Bitcoin collapse amidst what SHOULD have been considered a completely meaningless event – i.e., the SV fork – says the world is not yet ready for mainstream adoption. Not that Bitcoin, and crypto in general, can’t grow significantly “under the radar” once the current bear market episode plays out, of course. However, to believe the after violently collapsing to a chump change valuation, it will suddenly rebound to the point that it can challenge the dollar is pure fantasy.

As amazing as Bitcoin is, it is amidst numerous WARS that are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, like…

  1. A renewed “scaling debate,” in light of the FUD Faketoshi has created in catalyzing last month’s massive Bitcoin price decline

  2. Heightened governmental blowback – as evidenced by this week’s recommendation to the Indian government to ban crypto entirely, and the SEC’s comment that a Bitcoin ETF is unlikely to be approved anytime soon.

  3. Ongoing fears that Tether and other “stable coins” could be fraudulent, overregulated, or banned

  4. The growing SHA256 “Hash War” between Bitcoin, BCash, and SV - that could suppress Bitcoin’s hash rate indefinitely

  5. A lack of anonymity that could be exploited by governments and other hostile anti-Bitcoin forces

  6. Investor uncertainty as to whether Bitcoin is meant to be a store-of-value asset (“digital gold”) or transactional currency

Yes, anything is possible in Bitcoin – like a dramatic upside reversal that rapidly erases the year’s losses. However, the most likely scenario is that the recovery takes a lot longer to play out – particularly if the world is headed for a deflationary spiral in which “risk on” investing is shunned, in lieu of the world’s current safe haven champion, the dollar.

There’s no way of knowing which scenario will play out. However, I do know that if there’s one asset class the evolves rapidly, it’s cryptocurrency – and in my view, the issues Bitcoin is dealing with makes it ripe for a “pure play” decentralized store of value to emerge, like BRhodium. From all I see, there’s not a single altcoin like it; i.e., an airdropped, non-forked, built-from-scratch blockchain focused principally on being an “investment grade” store of value altcoin – replete with actual dividends, care of its recently announced “Strong Hands” program.


BRhodium’s anonymous developers have built what aims to be a fully-decentralized mining network - using an algorithm (X13) with little competition…far, far away from the SHA256 Hash Wars. BRhodium doesn’t utilize SegWit – as a scarce, pure SOV coin doesn’t need it; and will shortly have own privacy features incorporated. As BTR already trades on Bisq, anonymity is already a feature. However, by the end of 2019, it will be trading on one or more major exchanges, too – with all the best features of Bitcoin, and none of the aforementioned issues…with privacy features of its own.

Not that BRhodium is “competing” with Bitcoin…which no coin can - and possibly, ever will – despite the fact that ALL Bitcoin forks claim to be a “better Bitcoin.” To that end, BRhodium’s anonymous development team was wise enough to publish its “Crypto Trinity” philosophy of crypto SOV investing last week – in which, it embraces the only other coins to also offer SOV properties; i.e., Bitcoin and Litecoin (though BTC and LTC also propose to have varying degrees of transactional utility).

Given how weak the crypto market is, some of the Bitcoin whales that received large chunks of free, airdropped BTR have been selling it for BTC at absolutely ridiculous prices – on average, about $4/BTR since MainNet was launched in late October. That supply is starting to dry up, so I have little doubt prices will rise as we approach listing on at a major crypto exchange in 2019’s first quarter. In my view, BRhodium is a truly unique coin, trading at incomprehensibly low “pre-launch” prices due to overall crypto weakness – that in my view, represents the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]

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